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For the Garden


We grow all of our annual plants using only the highest quality soils and fertilizers and also biological insect control. Not only do we have 18,000 sq feet of greenhouse growing space at our retail outlet we also have a farm in Kingston with five large greenhouses dedicated to growing annual plants to bring you the largest selection possible. Here we also grow approximately 6000 hanging baskets every year.


Our perennials are locally grown at our Kingston farm location with six greenhouses dedicated to perennials. Currently we grow over 20,000 perennials per year with many deer resistant varieties to choose from.


Cedarcrest Gardens is the perfect place to get the premium quality and largest variety of shrubs for your yard.  Flowering shrubs and evergreens are indispensable in the garden as they add structure, color and year round interest to the landscape. Whether it’s an old-fashioned favourite or the latest introduction from Proven Winners, you will be sure to find great choices among our large selection.


All great gardens begin with well-chosen trees.  Trees add value, beauty, structure and stature to any property.     Trees are the backbone of your landscape.  They are as varied as nature itself and the choices may seem unlimited. Trees can be tall or small, skinny or wide, have leaves or needles, be green or red or yellow or blue in the summer or all year round, bear flowers or not. Discover the amazing choice that awaits you at Cedarcrest Gardens.


Fruit Trees and bushes can be extremely fun and rewarding however you must be committed to proper maintenance. If your location has 6 hours of sun and well drained rich soil and you want to know what you are feeding your family, try growing fruit trees in New Brunswick.


And don’t forget the cook!  Enjoy the tastes of home right from our own garden.  It’s easy to grow your own nutritious vegetables and herbs.  You don’t need a lot of space either.  A few herbs in a window box, a table-top tomato and a small veggie patch in the garden will ensure a steady supply of flavor for the summer BBQ.  With Cedarcrest’s help, you will be sure to reap a bountiful harvest from your own garden each year.


Bring Nature’s song to the garden. Invite birds to bring their songs and movement to your garden.  Begin to experience the joy of birding with plants that invite birds or by simply adding a birdhouse, a feeder or a birdbath.   At Cedarcrest, we can get you set up to turn your yard into a natural bird sanctuary that you will be able to enjoy every day of the year.


Give your garden that stylish, finishing touch to make it truly your own!   At Cedarcrest Gardens you will find unique garden décor and accents that will highlight any space.  Add decorative garden stakes, statuary, gazing balls, outdoor art or stepping stones to add some pizazz to your landscape.   Whether your style is whimsical or classical, fun & exuberant or tranquil and relaxing, you will find that perfect accent to any garden theme.


Add a vertical dimension to your garden with climbing vines. These versatile plants can help hide unsightly elements in the garden and can provide privacy from neighbours.  Their vertical growth habit allows them to fit into spots where space is limited.  From Engelman’s ivy to wisteria, we have what it takes to take any garden to new heights.

For the Home


Find your style at Cedarcrest!  Among our selection you will find unique home décor that will compliment any style.  Choose from the latest designs in home décor, with seasonal unique gifts, decorated vases and pottery.   Whether you’re looking for wall art for your home or a gift for a special occasion, you will be sure to find the perfect item among our large and varied selection.


Find that perfect container to match your style from among our large assortment of ceramic, plastic and metal containers.  Dress up your houseplants before you take them home with a beautiful indoor container.  Take your outdoor planters to new heights with the latest styles of durable outdoor pots.  We have a great assortment of sizes and colour so you are sure to find that perfect container for anywhere inside or outside your home.


Bring color and texture into your home with gorgeous houseplants. We carry a large assortment of the very best tropical plants.  Whether you have a bright sunny window or a dark shady corner, our experienced staff will be able to help you find the right plants.   Of course, houseplants are not just for inside the home.  Consider dressing up your patio and deck containers with palms, mandevilla or hibiscus to create a tropical oasis in your own backyard during the summer months.


Native American cultures believe that the cactus represents warmth, protection and motherly love. Because cacti plants can survive in harsh conditions, they’ve become a symbol of unconditional, maternal love… So if someone gives this plant to you, it means that they love and care about you.


The possibilities are only limited by your imagination; display them in a plant holder, a wall mount, a geometric glass vase, or even in a live wreath. Because of their amazingly low care requirements, they can even make the perfect desk centerpiece for your office.


Air plants are usually tiny, easy to grow, and they don’t need soil. As the name implies, air plants absorb nutrients and water from the air through scales on their leaves. They’re having a moment as houseplants because they’re easy to care for and don’t need much light to thrive.

Seasonal Plants & Décor


Be enchanted with our massive selection of Christmas plants, greens, deluxe planters, wreaths, trees, décor, pottery and so much more!


Fall is one of the prettiest times of year in New Brunswick, make it even more stunning with some fantastic color.



Bring in your planter to be filled with a delightful array of annual plants for spring, summer, fall or Christmas.

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