Caring for your Orchid – 


There are two options for watering orchids as follows:

Option 1: Immerse the growers pot in a bucket of water, let it soak no longer than ½ an hour. Drain until all excess water has dripped out. Do this every 7 to 10 days or when plant becomes dry again

Option 2: Place one or two ice cubes on top of the soil and let melt, do this once a week.



Fertilize our orchid twice monthly from March to October. Once monthly in the other months. Following the directions on the box of Orchid fertilizer. When watering using the ice cube method simply mix your fertilizer in approx. 400 ml of water then fill the ice cube tray with the water/fertilizer mixture and use these ice cubes every other watering.


Orchids enjoy bright light, but not direct sunlight. Near a window facing NW or SE would be best. Also avoid cold drafts and direct heating.


After your orchid has bloomed it may be cut back just above the 1st bract from the base of the plant, then moved to a cooler room with indirect light during its “Winter-Period” this will encourage it to re-flower

Repot an orchid only if the roots entirely fill the pot or if the potting mix has decayed. This should never be done while the orchid is in bloom, only use an orchid potting mix. If you would like to put it in another decorative pot, just place the Orchid grower pot and all in it
The Phalaenopsis Orchid belongs to the “air plant” family, meaning they grow on other plants in their natural habitat. The roots are very sensitive this is how the feed, it does not need much nutrition and water to grow, if the roots digest too much nutrients they will rot or die off.

The Greek word for butterfly is “Phalaen” and “Opsis” means resembles or looks like. This is why the Phalaenopsis is also known as the Butterfly Orchid.

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